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Political boundaries in New York State are confusing. Forest Home is in the Town of Ithaca, which is part of Tompkins County. We are not in the City of Ithaca, which covers the downtown area, but we share many services with the city, including the Ithaca School District.  If you do not know who to contact, call the Town of Ithaca office (607) 273-1721.  The people there are friendly and helpful.

Policing is particularly confusing. Forest Home is served by the Tompkins County Sheriff.  In Forest Home you are more likely to see the Cornell Police managing traffic.  You may also see police vehicles from our neighbors in Cayuga Heights and the City of Ithaca. Several local agencies and institutions issue alerts for emergencies and unusual circumstances. See the separate Emergencies and Alerts page.

Some roads in Forest Home are maintained by the county.  Others are maintained by the town.  Here is a map.


Forest Home is surrounded by Cornell.

Gary Stewart heads Cornell’s Office for Community Relations.

Cornell’s Botanic Gardens maintains most of the surrounding open spaces, including Beebe Lake and the Arboretum.

The Cornell Police patrols land within Cornell Campus.  Since Forest Home is completely surrounded by Cornell property and roads, they handle traffic violations here.

Tompkins County

Our representative is Shawna Black (D, Tompkins County District 11).

The Tompkins County website has useful information for newcomers to the area. The county maintains the two Forest Home bridges and also runs the recycling service.

Forest Home is served by the Tompkins County Sheriff.

The county provides Swift 911 to sign up for emergency notifications.

Town of Ithaca

The Town Supervisor is Rod Howe, who is a Forest Home resident.

The Town of Ithaca website, has a wide variety of useful information, including boards and committees, departments, documents such as the budget, major projects, and a meetings calendar. Here is a useful list of contacts.

The Town manages the Forest Home Walkway from the downstream bridge to Warren Road, and the Forest Home Park, with help from the FHIA through the adopt-a-park program. The Public Works Department, which includes the Highways Department, can be contacted by email.

The Town of Ithaca picks up brush twice a year in approximately October and April, announced on their website.

City of Ithaca

The acting mayor is Laura Lewis.

The City of Ithaca website has a wealth of information about activities in the region, including many that are relevant to Forest Home.

New York State Senate

Our State Senator since January 2011 is Thomas F. O’Mara (R, 58th Senate District). (Forest Home is at the far eastern edge of the 58th District; the 51st District begins just past Flat Rock and stretches nearly to Albany.)

New York State Assembly

Our Assembly Representative since 2021 is Dr. Anna R. Kelles (D, Assembly District 125, encompassing Tompkins County and part of Cortland County).

U.S. Senate

Our Senators are Charles E. Schumer (D, serving since 1999) and Kirsten Gillibrand (D, serving since 2009).

U.S. House of Representatives

Our Congressman since 2010 is Tom Reed (R, New York’s 23rd District, stretching from Ithaca to Lake Erie).