On Earth Day, April 22, 7 pm, join us for a virtual presentation in our 2021 FHIA Speakers Series! Professor Thomas Campanella, who teaches in City and Regional Planning at Cornell, will be speaking to us about “The Rise and Fall of the American Elm.”  For Zoom connection information, contact your FHIA officers at foresthomenews@gmail.com.

And do you have an idea for a presentation to our neighbors? Contact foresthomenews@gmail.com to tell us about your ideas and suggestions for the FHIA Speakers Series. We have an amazing group of neighbors who know a lot about a lot of things — and a lot that is worth sharing! We’d love to hear from you about what you’d like to contribute, or your suggestions for what other neighbors might contribute!

The Town of Ithaca Public Works has announced that Forest Home Drive between Judd Falls Road and McIntyre Place will be closed beginning September 30 for approximately two weeks to replace the guide-rail and for associated road/shoulder work. The road will be closed completely.

Emergency services have been notified that alternate routes must be taken.

The Town hopes to keep the footpath beside/below Forest Home Drive open while they work on the road.

Because of the uncertain weather forecast for the original date, the Forest Home Get-Together and BBQ has been moved to the rain date. It will be on Saturday, Sept. 21 at 3:00 pm in our Forest Home Park.

This year is significant because it commemorates the 225th year of Forest Home, which was founded in 1794. We will have a special cake and wholesome cupcakes for the children to decorate.

Learn about the mills and associated houses on the stretch of Fall Creek alongside The Byway.

Saturday, June 29, 11am.
Walk and Talk: The Byway.

Led by Bruce Brittain, sponsored by Historic Ithaca.

“The Byway is a former loop of Forest Home Drive along Fall Creek in the Town of Ithaca. This short stretch of road has the highest density of nineteenth century mill remnants and mill-era houses in Forest Home.”

Meet at the end of The Byway that is adjacent to the downstream bridge. No charge, but registration is encouraged.

See http://www.historicithaca.org/walk-and-talk/

Here is a map from 1866 showing Forest Home, then known as Free Hollow, with houses and mills.

Mulching is Child’s Play! Join your neighbors on Sat., June 8 at 9:00 AM in Forest Home Park for a tree cage weeding and mulching project. Bring work gloves and a small spade or digging tools if you have some, but we will also provide tools and a wheelbarrow. Refreshments will be available. Town of Ithaca has already delivered a load of clean mulch.  

During 2018, the FHIA website was rebuilt, with extensive upating of the contents. The new website is suitable for both large computer screens and smartphones.

Here is a report on the new website that has been prepared for the FHIA Annual General Meeting: AGMWebsiteReport.

Andy Galloway reported activity believed to be by a fisher a few days ago.

Over the last year we’ve had repeated deaths of our chickens, brutally committed (of course), and two nights ago our last two chickens were killed with injuries showing a very effective but small-headed predator: one chicken killed for the attacker’s pleasure had only a fist-sized deep hole in the breast and the head cleanly bitten off. So, not a racoon or fox. We can see a small fence opening that the animal used to enter the chicken’s hutch.

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