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Nature Scenes in Forest Home,
Spring and Summer

a natural backyard - no grass, no mowing,
just wildflowers and bird-friendly bushes and trees,
on the Byway, where a number of mills were located in the 19th century
(Elizabeth Sanders, 2008)

An owl oversees Forest Home activities from a local backyard on a summer day.
Jo Gravely credits "the magic of being in the right place at
the right time, a not-so-shy owl, and a 300 mm zoom lens!"


Deer-Resistant Flowers at the Plantations Herb Garden - Judd Falls Road (Karen Westmont, 2006)

The photos below were collected by Erika Merschrod, who started the Forest Home website in 2000.

Forest Home "park" by Fall Creek
(Dani Novak)
View of Beebe Lake from Forest Home Drive
(Pete Loucks)
Lilies by downstream bridge (planted by various neighbors in 1999)
(Dani Novak)
Pedestrian bridge across Fall Creek, upstream
(Dani Novak)
Fall Creek, downstream
(Dani Novak)

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