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Beebe Lake Dredging

The Cornell Plantations dredged Beebe Lake in the summer of 2000 to remove a silt barrier which had formed at the entrance the lake (just west of the stone bridge). As promised, the dredging attracted many water birds, including several great blue herons.

Following are some photos of the dredging process and the dredged lake, courtesy of John and Pat Clark (JPC) and Kristin Poduska and Erika Merschrod (KPEM).

The dry lake (JPC)

And the not-so-dry waterfall (KPEM)

Much more accessible for a walk (KPEM)

Some birds (KPEM)

The auger used to drill the hole to allow a chilled water line to pass under the lake to North Campus. (KPEM)

The pipe to hold the chilled water line. (KPEM)

More machinery (JPC)

This page was originally created by Erika Merschrod in September 2000.
Last updated in October 2006