The Forest Home Park

Forest Home Park in sunshine, with afternoon shadows and trees in bloom.

The Forest Home Park, May 2013

The Forest Home Park is one of many parks and trails maintained by the Town of Ithaca. It owes its existence to a collaboration between an FHIA group led by Montana Petersen, the enthusiasm of Rich Schoch, the town’s Parks Maintenance Manager, and the advocacy of Herb Engman, the town supervisor at the time and a Forest Home resident.

Here are some of the contributors:

  • The strip of land along Fall Creek is owned by Cornell, but leased to the town at no cost. Cornell continues to maintain the bank of Fall Creek.
  • The parks department did the heavy work of clearing the land and provide the tables and the sign.
  • Members of the Plantations (now known as the Cornell Botanic Gardens) designed the layout of the shrubs.
  • The shrubs were planted by an FHIA working group and paid for by a grant from Tompkins County.
  • The stone bench with the Hasbrouck plaque was a gift from Cornell.

Most of this work was done in 2013.  The following year, the Town of Ithaca gave Montana Petersen an award for her efforts.

Continuing our commitment to the adopt-a-park program, every year FHIA volunteers help with the plants in the park.  The Town does the rest of the maintenance.