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Traffic Calming Survey

Winter 2009 Traffic Calming Survey ~ Results and Comments

The Forest Home Improvement Association conducted a survey in February 2009 to gauge community support for elements of Phase I Implementation of the Forest Home Traffic Calming Plan.

Survey results:

87 responses in favor of Phase I Implementations

14 responses not in favor of Phase I Implementations

Positive Comments

Negative Comments


* Positive Comments:

  • Great work!

  • Thank you for pursuing this task. It's important to follow the recommendations of our consultant, to establish distinctive entrance features whose function is to define the traffic-calmed area--with mid-block speed tables to follow if and when needed (see the plan). I have no objections to locating an entrance feature near my home.

  • Yes!

  • Thanks for your fine effort!

  • I fully support this--finally--we get some action on the years of meetings and planning -- I hope. Thanks.

  • Phase I seems reasonable, however I am not in favor of road narrowing proposals which seem to be under consideration for future phases. Thank you for conducting this survey.

  • This is vital to us given the speed (and number) of cars that make Judd Falls Road a raceway at many times.

  • We must do this given the traffic conditions on Judd Falls Road.

  • I really like this plan for speed tables and entrance features to help slow traffic as it enters our community. Thank you!

  • I am very proud of our community and the group effort that has been going into it.

  • Glad to know the project is shovel-ready. Great news.

  • Thanks to all those who have brought it to this point.

  • Good luck!! and Thanks!

  • Thanks. I believe this will be the 4th time a request for a community "vote" on the FHIA Traffic Calming Plan, or portion thereof. I hope this is the last time we have to "document" prove to the Town of Ithaca that it indeed has community support.
* Negative Comments:
  • Too many speed tables on Judd Falls Road. Do we really need 2 on Warren and FH Drive?

  • I am not convinced that entrance features are all that helpful.

  • We pay our police to Traffic Calm and give expensive tickets. We don't need another expense. Everyone knows where Forest Home is; we don't need pillars.

  • I do not agree with any traffic calming measures as a need. I am against any plan that raises my costs of living in Forest Home. Further, I am against the Fed. stimulus plan in general, and any pork barrel spending for traffic calming in particular.

  • There are better uses of our tax dollars at this time.

  • Unnecessary! Do not want speed tables.

  • Lamps OK. Mid-block speed tables = hazard to cyclists.

  • I have no interest in collecting hubcaps and having perpetual noise and light in my house! Quality of life will be degraded for me.

  • I do not want a noisy speed table or lines of slow moving traffic in front of my house.
* Suggestions:

  • I am pleased to see that this project is moving forward. I am happy to vote in favor of this Phase I implementation because it includes all six entrance features, which our consultant had indicated was the single most important traffic calming element--"the biggest bang for the buck." My only reservation is that the proposed Phase I implementation also includes the mid-block speed tables, and I'm not sure if we're quite ready for them yet. Once the entrance features have been installed, and once drivers have modified their behavior accordingly, then we will have a better idea of where mid-block speed tables would do the most good. While I understand that these mid-block features are some neighbors' favorite traffic-calming elements, and everyone is impatient for progress, the community might be better served if implementation of the plan were rearranged so that mid-block speed tables were part of Phase II. If funding for Phase I is more than sufficient for the entrance features (and I hope it is), then perhaps we could begin to construct sidewalks or other crucial components of the plan. My purpose is not to delay implementation, but rather to implement the plan in the most logical, effective and efficient manner possible.

  • Safety should take precedent in the final designs of all elements. Design details should be flexible enough to adapt to funding opportunities, e.g., if "historic preservation" is not covered in a grant, we should not stop the whole process to all for expensive historic elements to be paid for.

  • A note of clarification: While it is nice to have "decorative" entrance lamp-posts, their main function is not aesthetic. Rather, they form the "gateway" in our gateway entrance features, and are therefore necessary in order to have the entrances function as intended. They mark the entrance to the community (far more effectively than any sign), visually narrow the roadway (improving driver attentiveness), and highlight the location of the accompanying speed tables. Regardless of any aesthetic attributes, the lamp-posts are an essential component of a safe and effective entrance treatment for Forest Home. Our consultant saw constructing these gateway entrances as the highest priority element of the Traffic Calming Plan. I therefore applaud constructing these entrance features in the initial implementation phase of the F.H.T.C. Plan.

  • Only under the condition that the exact form and design of entrance features be discussed and negotiated both in the neighborhood and between the neighborhood and county and town planners. The note attached to the drawing suggests that only the design of entrance lamps is subject to discussion, not the design of the entrance feature as a whole, e.g., should there even be lamps? In other words, pursue implementation of entrance-features and speed tables, but do not specify at this point the form and design of entrance features. That's a subproblem that should be open to further discussion.

  • 1. Need for sidewalk along Forest Home Drive. 2. Speed tables are too numerous on Judd Falls Road and seem misplaced on Pleasant Grove Rd.