Forest Home Improvement Association
Annual Meeting, November 3, 2005

In attendance: 32 residents, including new attendees/residents:
Jessica Radbord; Leavke Deutch; Karel Sedlacek; Linda McCandless (CU, Director of Communications for CALS);
Krissie Faust (Plantations Gardener)

Krissie Faust, Plantations Gardener (kbf3), talked about the dangers of invasive garlic mustard in our area. Flowers and seeds form every OTHER year. Residents should pull up the plants, bag them, AND DISCARD IN TRASH. Karen Westmont suggested we have a work party to pull up the plants at the Stevens's, since he had a heart attack.

Treasurer's Report (Shana Proell): Legal Defense fund money has been put into a 16-month share certificate for more interest. The savings account has received a Peard donation of $500; it was proposed that the donation be used for a memorial tree in the Brittain yard. Accepted as presented.

Committee Reports:

1. Social committee: Holiday party at Michele Bailey's house on December 11. ( See invitation here).

2. Traffic Calming (Bruce Brittain): The plan for islands has been scrapped due to the need to allow tractor trailers through. Also, it is hard to grow plants in the midst of asphalt, but the Plantations was unwilling to maintain the proposed islands. So the islands "got lost."

There will be lampposts on stone pillars with vertical deflection at all six entrances (like Sunset Park). The Pleasant Grove Walkway has been switched to the uphill side of the road, making it safer for bikes climbing the hill. First we will try to get the entrance features built. Crosswalks will be striped rather than brick, alas. We might put in our own brick (?!). We've had consultations with Town and County officials on the plan, and some implementation has begun already.

3. Deer Fence (Darcy BINNS, speaking also for David Gross and Dani NOVAK):
Darcy gave background information on the fence project problem and the community reaction - overwhelming opposition. The Plantations was going to transfer their deer problem onto our residences, the roads, and natural areas. The plan seemed to stall out. CU is now in the process of addressing a master plan, and hasn't invited us into it.

4. University/Neighborhoods Council (Jon Miller): After the Redbud Woods fiasco, the CU administration agreed to form a University Neighborhoods Council, of adjacent neighborhoods. We need an early warning system to discuss CU plans that affect us: sustainability, traffic, etc. Nov. 15 is the next meeting. Subject: generic environmental impact statement re transportation, at different growth levels.

Elizabeth Sanders stated that it is important for neighborhoods to forge their own ties and coalitions. Herb Engman, on the Town Board, remarked that things are moving fast. Elizabeth asked if we need a committee to look at the draft plan and spot troublesome aspects. Bruce Brittain thinks we need a separate committee.

5. Dani Novak, outgoing President of the FHIA, made some remarks and was applauded for his service as president.

6. Proposed park: Mike Koplinka-Loehr says CU has agreed to pass on the park on Forest Home Drive. So we formed a new "park committee." Harriett Brittain chairs the new park committee; other members are Charlene Rossi and Dani Novak.

7. Water Quality: Karen Westmont spoke on the dubious water quality. A new water quality committee was formed, with Karen as chair. (Elizabeth Sanders will help.)

8. New FHIA Executive Board: Pete Loucks oversaw the nominations:

President: Jon Miller
Vice President: Trevor Pinch
Treasurer: Darcy Binns
Secretary: Elizabeth Sanders

Elected by affirmation.

Old business - truck count: Bruce Brittain propsed a count of overweight trucks and buses, to include buses, trucks and CU vehicles over 5 tons, having six tires or more, which are illegal in most of Forest Home. He asked for 20 people to count the overweight vehicles from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on November 10, at the foot of Judd Falls Road and the foot of Warren Road. (Read the overweight truck count report here.) A

djournment and refreshments/conversation.

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